Mexico fires up $550 million wind farm

Parece que aún hay espacio para la gente pensante en el gobierno. Espero, que esto se convierta en una tendencia y las cosas empiecen marchar por un mejor camino.Mexico inaugurated one of the world's largest wind farm projects Thursday as the nation looks for alternative energy, in part to compensate for falling oil production.

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Google Releases API Playground - AJAX learning made easier

Google's interactive AJAX API Playground will make learning and testing code for Google's Javascript APIs a lot easier. This gives developers an easy to use interface to write some basic Javascript code for Google's eight Javascript APIs (Maps, Search, Feeds, Calendar, Visualization, Language, Blogger, Libraries, and Earth). (RRW)

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Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft

Microsoft has over 150 FREE Windows & Office Programs available for download -- finding them all is extremely difficult . . . until now

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